david and jud - dsp founder

About Us

The name Digital Sucker Punch embodies the essence of these two founders.

Judith Lockhart a former Actuary working in finance in the heart of London (Google Actuary… it means she’s smart AF), turned professional Muay Thai Fighter traveling throughout Thailand training and fighting, now a mother, business leader and co-founder of Digital Sucker Punch implementing structure and processes to ensure that a tight ship is running in the agency and across the multiple 7-figure businesses we have built.
David Hobdell a serial entrepreneur with a background in vocational education, lecturing anatomy and physiology to would-be massage therapists and personal trainers transitioned into marketing where he built and scaled multiple 7-figure wholesale and eCommerce brands creating a global sales and distribution network out of Hong Kong. Now the co-founder of Digital Sucker Punch and spending most of his time in the trenches with the DSP team developing marketing strategies to achieve client results.

This dynamic duo leads the team at Digital Sucker Punch.

Meet The Team Fighting For Your Brand Every
Step Of The Way

Two years ago Judith and I started Digital Sucker Punch.
Armed with a laptop, a dream, a shit load of business & marketing experience, and 5 years growing and scaling our OWN eComm brands — we decided it was time to create a solution to help other eComm businesses grow and scale…
WITHOUT the greediness and incompetence we’d experienced using other agencies ourselves.
Fast forward to 2020 and we’ve grown our team to 7 hard-working and fun-loving, digital marketing, copywriting, funnel-building, and graphic designing experts.
All passionate about helping brands explode with growth.

And while we all still love lifting weights, training Muay Thai, and playing sports with our kids…
…along with enjoying the Ozzie weather (and occasional boozy weekends on the boat)…
Is helping brands GROW!
You see, unlike most agencies, we aren’t interested in working with tonnes of clients to make a quick buck.
Instead, we ONLY work with a handful of like-minded, hungry, and ambitious clients at a time.
Because what we value more than ANYTHING…
Is giving your brand the care, love, and attention it deserves to MASSIVELY scale and grow.
By working WITH you every step of the way, we deliver an honest, transparent, and 100% effective knockout service. Leaving you blown away… and your competitors scrambling to discover your ‘secret’.


Our Only Goal

Digital sucker punch aims to consistently provide effective solutions specialized for every eCommerce business. To do this, we rely on a combination of data-driven research, expertise, creativity, transparency, and open communication to drive our clients their desired results. We love doing more than yesterday’s best. That’s why we continue to hone our craft and expertise to the best interest of our partner clients and provide them with a WOW experience.

The digital world is ever-evolving and thus we observe that – A year in the “Real World” equates to a month in the “Digital World” at DSP we stay on the forefront to ensure that compliance and latest methodologies are utilized. The team at Digital Sucker Punch provides the constant support needed using up-to-date tools for your business to reach all your business goals.




The Digital Sucker punch team smashed it with the campaigns they implemented causing me to stop accepting new clients for over a month, they really know what they’re doing.

Nina Silic
( Founder of Body by Nina )


DSP has increased our sales substantially and has consistently destroyed the average conversion rate on Facebook ads. I’m very impressed. They were thorough, transparent, and honest when it came to how they operated and the costs involved. Highly recommended.

“Biolayne” Layne Norton
( Nutritional Scientist )


I knew nothing about digital marketing and paid traffic and the Digital Sucker Punch team took absolutely everything off my head leaving me to do what i do best while they drove the sales, it was a perfect fit!

Garry Turner
( GTrain Pro )


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