Content is KING and engagement is QUEEN

Let’s not forget the fundamentals of marketing and advertising! Facebook, Instagram, and Google are NOT cash machines they are advertising platforms that require well-crafted content to further amplify your brand’s message and convert the much-desired traffic into sales.

Facebook ``ad hacks``

Facebook “ad hacks” are less relevant than ever before and good “scroll stopping, thumb tapping” high converting ad content is the game that is now needed to be played.

From years of running ads and looking under the hoods of hundreds of accounts, we have seen countless times that nothing improves the results of a campaign more than understanding the data behind ad performance and creating ad content that manipulates that data to increase click-through-rates [CTR], decrease cost-per-clicks [CPC] ultimately resulting in a lower cost-per-purchase [CPP] and a higher return-on-ad-spend [ROAS].

Creative Content

Success stories of our clients

Full creative ad funnel implement

From TOF Brand Awareness to BOF Conversion/ retention ads and everything in between. We conceptualized, created, and implemented a highly branded ads funnel that converted.

$1.62 Million In 90 Days

Our client Gripped Fitness Audio is an exciting brand that manufactures Bluetooth wireless headphones designed and specifically created for the fitness industry.

4.36x ROAS return on ad spend every month.

Our Client Layne Norton aka (Biolayne) is a world-renowned physique coach, professional bodybuilder, professional powerlifter, and entrepreneur.

Increased Shopify store sales by 5x

Our client Top Notch Nutrition is a young brand, only starting its eCommerce journey at the end of 2018 in the VERY competitive supplements space.

Achieved a Facebook ROAS of 3.6x



These guys are great, they have an outstanding team that is versed in all aspects eCommerce. One of the biggest challenges when having someone else run traffic for you is transparency and finding a team that will treat your baby as their own. DSP has gone above and beyond my expectations and I look forward to growing with them for many years to come. Thanks for all of your hard work.

Steve Sparks


We started with DSP just over a year ago and I can say I am happy we did. We had gone through 3 different agencies, and we’re considering bringing our ads in house. I met David and Jud at an event and decided we would give it one more try. Best decision we ever made. They are the only agency I have ever worked with that doesn’t feel like an “agency”. If you have been through them you know what I mean. They have brought insane value to our business and have helped us in growing it 5x this year. These guys eat, sleep, and breathe marketing. More importantly, they are just great hard-working people who love what they do. I plan on being with DSP & team for the foreseeable future! 💪

Johnny Gonazles
( Top Notch Nutrition )


Awesome people that get help it done, and get you the ROI that makes you very happy

Shawn Turner



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