1.62 Million

Revenue Generated


Return On Ad Spend


Ad Spent

The Story

Through our success with other clients in the consumer electronics space, we were recommended to our newly acquired client EXECUTE to help launch their startup business and new product range in the eCommerce space.

Though their products were unique and had a great brand story to tell we had no existing data to leverage and their sales pipeline had not yet been tested.

How did we do it?

  • Partnering with Execute our primary goal was to gain market share in a very competitive space – Consumer Electronics.
  • We had the task of bringing them online with their eCommerce site, implement a multi-touch ads funnel, and strategically placed sales campaigns to launch their lead product. utilizing a combination of Google, Facebook, and Instagram ads we were able to reach 129.6 million people that have never heard of this brand before [That’s more than 1/3 of the population of the united states]
  • The results from Facebook alone yielded a 2.98X ROAS with more than a 6X ROAS from our implemented Omni-channel marketing approach.

The Results

ROAS = 2.98X

Revenue = 1.62 Million

Ad Spend = $546K

Duration – 90 Days



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