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The Story

Layne Norton aka (Biolayne) is a world-renowned physique coach, professional bodybuilder, professional powerlifter, and entrepreneur. More recently though, Layne has put his focus and energy into his business and educating others. His methods are backed by his PhD in Nutritional Sciences, which has helped him to author several nutritional books and recently saw him appear on the Joe Rogan Experience podcast. His no BS and 100% scientific approach has cemented his position as an authority figure in the fitness industry. It’s this approach that made Layne turn down countless other marketing agencies. They simply didn’t align with his values, feeling like many of them were “snake oil” salesmen.

When Layne decided to work with us he was struck by our transparent and data-driven approach to marketing. Several times we told him to keep his money. He had ideas he was willing to pay us to implement. But we knew from our extensive testing and data that some of these things wouldn’t be productive for his brand.

So instead, we presented Layne with a clear and concise plan of action. That way he was kept in the loop every step of the way.

When we started, he’d exhausted his organic audience. So the initial goal was to convert cold traffic into new customers through a targetted nurturing ad funnel.

Since working with us he consistently generates $4 for every $1 he spends on ads.

How did we do it?

  • Created scroll stopping stunning visual creatives
  • Crafted compelling copy to convince the reader to take action
  • Ethically tapped into psychological triggers that make people buy
  • Used laser-like retargeting strategies to get the most bang-for-buck
  • Implemented a structured marketing funnel that generated new fans like clockwork

The Results

ROAS = 4.80X

Revenue = 3.65 Million

Ad Spend = $760K

Duration – 12 Months



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