Skyrocketed previous sales

$1.9 B

A growing and highly lucrative market worth Billion


Achieved a Facebook ROAS

The Story

Snackwize delivers healthy snack boxes to office and workplaces on a subscription basis. The founder, Conor, came to us wanting more
leads to help grow his business
and increase recurring revenue. The problem was, he’d tried a number of marketing agencies before. And every single one of them failed to deliver on their promises. So when Conor came to us he was understandably frustrated and ready to give up working with agencies.  He decided to give it one last shot, and partner with us — letting us know that this must work, or he’d walk away to try and figure it out for himself. Within just 2 weeks thing were going great…

Then disaster struck. Australia was flipped upside down by the Coronavirus crisis. Their entire business was devastated overnight as they lost all of their 100+ clients.

The Goal

In the past, they’d played around with the idea of a home delivery service. They’d set up a rough web page for it. But it was never a priority for them and they weren’t bringing in any sales from this side of the business.

We knew that Snackwise had to completely pivot their entire business if they wanted to survive…We were determined to help Snackwise win this fight at all costs. So we immediately held a crisis meeting and after hours of brainstorming, crunching numbers, and sharing ideas — we developed a watertight plan.

We would transition them from a B2B subscription business, and turn them into a fully-fledged, home delivery, eCommerce business. So instead of relying on B2B customers (most of who were forced to temporarily close their doors due to the virus), we’d focus on selling to the public instead.

How did we do it?

  • Developed a rock-solid strategy to rapidly implement a new approach
  • Optimised the website to create a positive experience for their new audience
  • Crafted innovative creatives & compelling ad copy to ethically leverage the situation
  • Researched and realigned out targeting strategies to create high converting ad funnels

The Results

Saved Snackwize when they lost ALL their customers overnight

Skyrocketed previous sales records by 3,000%

Tapped into a growing and highly lucrative market worth $1.9 Billion

Achieved a Facebook ROAS of 3.6x



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