TOP NOTCH CASE STUDY: How We Scaled TopNotch Nutrition From $208,984 a Year To $2,000,000+ a Year

Digital Sucker Punch > TOP NOTCH CASE STUDY: How We Scaled TopNotch Nutrition From $208,984 a Year To $2,000,000+ a Year

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TopNotch Nutrition is a young brand, only starting its eCommerce journey at the end of 2018 in the VERY competitive supplements space.

Initially, they started off selling their supplements on Amazon, later introducing the eCommerce platform Shopify into their business.

As they grew a steady customer base of loyal fans, we saw an opportunity to leverage FB and IG to generate new customers.


They had the brand, the high-quality supplements, and the right mindset ⁠— All they needed now was the right eCommerce growth specialists to scale their revenue.

The goal was to warm up cold traffic and convert them into new loyal customers, while focusing on retaining their existing customers to improve their LTV.


We knew that TopNotch needed a solid foundational ad strategy to set them up for rapid and consistent growth.

First, we focused on increasing the ROAS while staying within their limited budget. Then as the ROAS improved, we gradually scaled their ad spend to reach even more people and generate more revenue.

Next, we launched new products. We focused on a rock-solid pre-launch strategy that built hype and anticipation. We use Facebook event features and promised them exclusive launch-day bonuses.

How did we do it?

  • Launched lookalike and interest-based campaigns to nurture new customers and drive them to purchase
  • Launched post-sale retargeting campaigns to reach existing buyers and boost LTV
  • Used scroll stopping creatives & highly engaging ad copy
  • Tested ads types, such as images, videos, GIFs, carousels, slideshows and canvas ads

The Results

  • Turned Top Notch Nutrition into a multi-million dollar brand
  • Increased Shopify store sales by 3x 
  • Scaled their ad spend by 10.7x
  • Increased Facebook ROAS by 5.1x